We are two heterolifemates who have a lot of things to say. Sometimes we need to rant about intersectional feminist issues that we don’t see discussed elsewhere, other times we really just want to get drunk and review our favorite movies.

Casey: Potawatomi feminist. Loves Scottish terriers, running, craft beer, and Tom Waits. Likely has twelve unfinished beading projects going at any given time. Likes to think of herself as a Vulcan, knows she’s really a Klingon.

Robin: Fat, half-Jewish embroidery artist. Has a serious book addiction. Loves whiskey, bad movies, expensive cheese, and being right. Is the Howard Moon to Casey’s Vince Noir.

“Migwetth” (pronounced Me-gwetch) is “thank you” in Potawatomi. “Kvetch” means “to complain” in Yiddish. In our loose translation, our blog is a thank you for listening to us bitch, and for bitching with us. (Plus it rhymes, so that’s neat.)